Mediation References

"I have known George Reid for over twenty years as a litigator and mediator, and you easily can see how he brings the insights of each role into the other. His experience gives him the credibility to focus each mediation on what matters… His name appears on most mediator short lists…"

Gregory R. Veal
Bovis Kyle & Burch, LLC

"George Reid is an exceptional mediator. George has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter. He is able to bring about compromise and resolution where others have failed. I enthusiastically recommend George to any lawyer looking for a highly skilled, likable, and ethical mediator."

Greg Smith
King & Spalding

"George has a very special ability to listen to each party and to communicate the strengths and weaknesses of each party's position. He can do this in a manner that is very persuasive but at the same time does not offend a party or its attorney. I've mediated cases before many mediators across the country, including some of the $20,000 per day mediators, but I've never seen anyone that is better than George. I have recommended him as a mediator on many occasions and in every single case, both my client and opposing counsel have been very pleased with his performance. In fact, I can think of three occasions where an opposing counsel called me after a mediation just to say 'thank you' for recommending him. George is truly an exceptional mediator and I recommend him wholeheartedly, without any qualifications."

Lee Mann
Kilpatrick Stockton

".. your extraordinary persistence and skills as a mediator have helped me resolve confoundingly complex multi-party litigation matters… you roll up your sleeves and work the parties hard towards a resolution. You do not simply carry numbers back and forth and talk about cost… I call upon you when the matter is big, complex and tough to get resolved."

Henry M. Quillian, III
Taylor English Duma LLP

"I have known George Reid for over twenty years both as an adversary and mediator… George's depth of knowledge of both the construction process and law allows him quickly to focus on the core issues to be resolved… I appreciate George's unique ability to be firm and frank in his assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case, without being over bearing or condescending… I give him my unqualified recommendation."

T. Bart Gary
Freeman, Mathis & Gary, LLP

"For many years we have been immensely impressed with your mediation services. Your tenacious efforts, diligent knowledge of material facts and empathy with all parties have allowed… you to reach amicable resolution. We thank you for your professionalism and integrity. …"

Gary S. Freed
Thompson Hine LLP

"George Reid is a skilled and experienced mediator who gets the job done."

Ben Shapiro
Baker Donelson

"George Reid has become one of the 'go to' mediators largely due to his experience, intelligence, temperament and integrity. George has served as mediator in many mediations in which I've been involved and he has always been diligent about working with the parties to bring about a resolution of their dispute, sometimes long after the 'official' mediation has ended. In my opinion, George's success as a mediator can be attributed to his depth of knowledge, his ability to actively listen to the parties and provide counsel as to their positions, and to the respect which he gives to everyone involved in the process. I have worked with George in his role as both attorney and mediator and would recommend his services."

Danielle J. Cole
Peckar & Abramson, P.C.

"I have mediated before George Reid several times over the years. There are skills that set one mediator apart from another and George Reid possesses those. His ability to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the respective parties' case, his ability to gain their trust and respect and his common-sense approach enables reasonable parties the opportunity to achieve a successful result. I feel George Reid is definitely a mediator 'of choice'."

Ernest L. Greer
Greenberg Traurig

"For the past twenty plus years, I have been a major advocate of Alternative Dispute Resolution and in particular, mediation and arbitration. Given that I specialize in construction law, I think it invaluable to have as a mediator or arbitrator a person who is very experienced in the intricacies of the design and construction process and George Reid certainly fills the bill of those requirements. Although I have a relatively short list of 'go to' mediators and arbitrators, George is always high on my list and I have virtually never had anyone who does not immediately respond with a positive 'George is agreeable to us!' upon my suggestion of George. …"

W. Hensell Harris, Jr.
Wasson, Sours & Harris